Operator User


In House:

Supports the Operator in the service rendering of agile and effective operations allowing focus on the Core Business of the organization.


Systematic Operations:

  • Operation of Entry and Exit of merchandise of temporary and definitive management of the Free Zone Palmaseca is systematized.
  • Support of the Operation is kept online to be permanently consulted by users and control entities.

Temporary import regimes termination:

  • The Palmaseca Free Trade Zone offers the possibility of ending temporary and short-term import regimes, as well as finalizing special Import-Export systems (Vallejo Plan).
  • Access to the runway at Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport allows us to complete long-term temporary imports of aircraft under a leasing contract; With the advantage of taking the option to purchase from the Palmaseca Free Zone for later disposal.

Permanent free trade zones operator:

The Palmaseca Free Trade Zone offers the operator user service for its Permanent and Special Free Zone.


Outsourcing free transient zone:

Advisory service for the implementation of the Transit Free Zone model, through the survey, design and documentation of processes and procedures.


Vehicle scheduling:

  • Authorized control of vehicle entry.
  • Allows the user to plan the logistics of their operations, generating appointments for the carriers.
  • It enables traceability to the declared vehicles.

Free zones we operate